Our Staff

Mimosa has an eclectic mix of team members. We love to have a good mixture of languages which we believe forms a strong team with an open minded nature. At writing the languages spoken include Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Ethiopian and many forms of English and Scottish!

We are all linked together by a keen motivation to please our customers and guests. Mimosa strives to offer superb and flaverful Mediterranean foods; served by friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Ashley Davis

Commercial Director

I studied Psychology at Edinburgh University before deciding to embark on a career in food retail. Having spent over ten years working for the corporate world,  I am now developing Mimosa into a local well loved brand. What can Mimosa be in the future? I see a business that provides tasty, beautiful and engaging food to match the customer’s vision, served by a team that are happy to help.

Food will always be inspiring, a happy thought, a moment to share, a favourite food memory and the more of these that can be created by Mimosa, the better our business will become.



Steph Davis

Operations Director

I have a background in business, marketing and supply chain having studied Marketing at Leicester University. My first work was in retail management. Only later did I discover my first real working passion in supply chain and process, discovering a love for spreadsheets and numbers! I later moved to Amazon.co.uk and then to Nike where my last job involved working with Nike’s big retail partners, Harrods, Liberty and John Lewis.

My main passions in life are Marathon running and music – they both seem to make people their very best, smiling, happy and having fun. Great food brings out the same emotions in people and to be part of that journey is something I am really looking forward to!

Samuele Carelli

Head Chef

After leaving school in Italy I was drawn to London’s reputation for forward thinking, modern restaurants. My first few years I worked for a modern European restaurant in the City. I was trained, the hard, old school way, by Valentino Bosch, a chef with Michelin star experience who I still look up. As my experience grew so did my responsibilites & after a short stint as Head Chef in a trendy restaurant in Shoreditch I became Head Chef at The Tudor Barn in Eltham, a beautiful 16th century building.
After nearly 3 years there, filled with great achievements, I felt the need for a new direction. Having spent nearly 14 years in high end restaurants I wanted to try something a little different with a bigger variety of menus.  Mimosa is a new, interesting challenge with a small expanding business.What next?..We are building on our solid foundations to expand & establish Mimosa as the leading provider of fresh, delicious, homemade food in south London.



Angelica Basnyak

Events Manager

I came to the UK with my sister in September 1999 to study the English language in Greenwich School of English and worked as a waitress in Tower42, a Michelin star restaurant. In 2004 I won several Michael Roux hospitality awards, including “Waiter of the Year, Champagne pouring competitions & “Employee of the Year”. I was then offered a job at Gary Rhodes restaurant, as a Banqueting Supervisor running London Mayor dinners, product launches, exhibitions, weddings and films.
In 2006 I became the Conferencing and Events Manager for International Law Firm, Kirkland and Ellis. I decided to increase my knowledge further and studied Event management but during my maternity leave I met a wedding dress designer and decided to start my own business. I successfully ran a Bridal dress shop for 5 years until I realized that my true passion was Events and Catering.
When the opportunity came to work with Mimosa Catering as their Event Manager, I knew it would be good fit for my skills. My background in the corporate and business world gives me valuable insight into planning events specifically tailored to a wide variety of needs.  I am truly passionate about what I do and believe that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Isabella Lotocka

Kennington Shop Manager

I am excited to join the team at Mimosa as I believe there is an inherently sincere and progressive quality particular to small businesses as they develop and grow. I also can’t wait to get to know my customers and I hope to help drive Mimosa’s further expansion into new markets as a leading example for supplying deliciously crafted food coupled with excellent customer service with a strong emphasis on catering practice.

Growing up, food was central to family life as my parents owned several grocery stores and loved to cook. From a young age, they encouraged me into the kitchen and gave me free rein to cook with the plethora of ingredients available through their grocery business; instilling in me a lifelong passion and confidence to explore and create dishes from a myriad of culinary possibilities. At 20 years old I left Poland to come to London where I worked as Chef for the ‘Ministry of Defense’, and the grand ‘Goldsmith Hall’ followed by roles as Catering and Retail Managers for ’ Ernst & Young’ and ‘Pret a Manger’

One of my earliest food memories is of being in my Grandmother’s garden as a little girl, tasting the wonderfully sour tang of freshly plucked rhubarb for the first time. I still have a penchant for the sour and tart in a recipe!

Isabella Lotocka at Mimosa Kennington


Vauxhall Manager

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Zsuzsanna Szabo

Herne Hill Manager

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Crystal Palace Manager

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The Foundry Manager

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