Christmas poultry

Christmas is fast approaching as we head into December. Everyone is busy decorating their houses, deciding on presents and writing christmas cards. Don’t forget to order your Christmas centerpiece from Mimosa. With so many options to choose from some of our favourites include Three Bird Roasts, succulent black footed French turkeys ( ask us why we think they are so special) and French capons. There are two sizes and two choices of Three Bird Roast to suit your budget and number of guests. The last order date for all British Poultry including Norfolk Bronze, duck and geese is the 2nd December so don’t delay in placing your order. French poultry can be ordered until the 18th December.

Why are our French Black Footed Turkeys so special?

We hand collect these very special turkeys directly from Licques Volailles in northern France. Our customers re-order them year after year for their juiciness, tender meat and full flavour. Raised in the traditional manner and fed on grass and grain, our birds are all certified to the French Label Rouge standard.
Label Rouge is a production method based on an approved specification that is respectful of animal welfare and protects the environment. Since 1960, Label Rouge poultry has been reared using traditional, free-range production methods based on an official Label Rouge specification approved by the French public authorities. These special production methods ensure the poultry’s welfare and protect the environment whilst producing poultry meat with superior organoleptic properties that only Label Rouge can guarantee.

See our full menu here  or download our order form before you place your order.

An easy ordering system ensures this is one more thing you can tick off the Christmas to do list. Call us on 0333 666 8838 or email us at Or if you are in Herne Hill just pop in to our shop and one of our team members will be happy to take your order.

All orders can be picked up from the 23rd December. Don’t forget to add other items such as stuffing, our famous mince pies, oysters, Bûche de Nöel and many Christmas cheese to your order. On the day of collection we will have everything packed and ready for a quick pick up!